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    Etherpad Authorship Export

    This plugin attempts to add metadata to the exported HTML that allows to distinguish between authors, just like the colours in the Etherpad edit view do.

    More concretely, it aims to wrap the parts of the texts in different spans with a class like

    <span class="authora_tLCCEnNVJ5aXkyVI">

    For an author id of a.tLCCEnNVJ5aXkyVI.

    It does not yet work quite like I want: I must admit that the inner workings of apool and attribLine are still quite opaque to me.

    To parse the text, I copied code that I found in the ep_headings plugin, very similar code exists in a few other plugins I’ve checked out. I managed to adapt it to check for authorship but it works on a by line basis: Now it prints an author at the beginning of each line.

    Clearly, that’s not what I want: I want to be more precise and mark the different regions in the line that are by different authors.

    There exists an unused implementation of authorship colours in the Etherpad (lite) source code at src/node/utils/ExportHtml.js It might offer some hints on how to progress.




    npm i ep_authorship_export

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