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1.0.8 • Public • Published API (React, Vue, Angular, Node.js) API wrapper.

Supports client-side (React, Vue, Angular, etc.) and server-side (Node.js).

Getting Started

  • npm install eodhistoricaldata-api
  • No API token required



const api = require('eodhistoricaldata-api');
// get historical end-of-day stock price of Apple
const options = {
  symbol: 'AAPL', // ticker
  from: '2018-02-01', // YYYY-MM-DD [optional]
  to: '2018-10-10', // YYYY-MM-DD [optional]
  period: 'd', // d = day, w = week, m = month [optional]
  order: 'd' // d = descending, a = ascending [optional]
  // filter: 'last_close' // last_close, last_volume [optional]
api.getHistoricalEodData(options).then(prices => console.log(prices));
// get fundamentals of Tesla (symbol: TSLA)
api.getFundamentals('TSLA').then(result => console.log(result));
// list supported ETFs
api.listSupportedEtfs().then(etfs => console.log(etfs));


Live Demo:

import api from 'eodhistoricaldata-api';
class Eodhistoricaldata extends React.Component {
  componentDidMount() {
    api.getFundamentals('VGT').then(data => this.setState({ data }));
  render() {
    // ...
    return <pre>{JSON.stringify(, null, 1)}</pre>;



Returns historical stock price data.

Accepts an object as input:

  • symbol (string, required) - any symbol of a company, ETF, or Mutual Fund
  • from (string, optional) - YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2018-02-01
  • to (string, optional) - YYYY-MM-DD format, e.g. 2018-10-01
  • period (string, optional) - use d for daily, w for weekly and m for monthly prices. By default daily prices will be shown.
  • order (string, optional): use a for ascending dates (from old to new) and d for descending dates (from new to old). By default dates are shown in ascending order.
  • filter (string, optional) - use last_close to get only the last value, or last_volume


  • symbol - any symbol of a company, ETF, or Mutual Fund
api.getFundamentals('AAPL').then(data => ... )

Returns company, ETF, and Mutual Fund fundamentals.

Company Fundamentals

  • Code and name of the company.
  • Exchange, currency, and country information.
  • Sector/industry and company description.
  • ISIN and CUSIP of the asset.
  • General Information:
    • Market Capitalization
    • EBITDA, PE ratio, PEG ratio.
    • Earnings per share (EPS), book value, dividend share, dividend yield.
    • Profit margin, operating margin, return on assets and return on equity.
    • Revenue, revenue per share, gross profit, diluted EPS and quarterly earnings growth (year-over-year).
  • Numbers for Valuation
    • Trailing PE, Forward PE
    • Price/Sales
    • Price/Book Ratio
    • Enterprise Value/Revenue
    • Enterprise Value Ebitda
  • Technical Indicators
    • Beta
    • 52 Week high/low
    • 50/200 day moving average
    • Shares short, short ratio, short ratio percentage.
  • Splits and Dividends
    • The forward annual dividend rate and yield
    • Payout ratio.
    • Dividend date, ex-dividend date.
    • Last split factor and split date.
  • Outstanding Shares (only US companies):
    • Date.
    • Amount of outstanding shares on the date in Millions.
  • Earnings:
    • History and Trend.
    • Quarterly and Annual.
  • Financials
    • Balance Sheet
    • Cash Flow
    • Income Statements.
    • Quarterly and Annual.

ETF Fundamentals

  • ETF general data.
    • ISIN, Company Name, and URL.
    • Current Yield, Dividend Payments information.
    • Ongoing charge, Average Market Capitalization (in Millions).
    • Net expense ratio and annual holdings turnover.
  • Technicals
    • Beta
    • 52 week high/lows
    • 50/200 day moving average
  • Breakdowns
    • Market Capitalization.
    • Asset Allocation.
    • World Regions.
    • Sector Weights.
    • Top 10 Holdings.
    • Valuation and Growth Rates for portfolio and compare to the ETF category.
    • Morning Star Data: Ratio, Category_Benchmark, Sustainability Ratio.
    • Performance: Volatility, Expected Returns, Sharp Ratio, Returns YTD/3 years/5 years/10 years.


api.listSupportedEtfs().then(etfs => ... )

Returns a list of supported ETFs.


 { 'ETF Code': '3BLR',
    'Exchange': 'LSE',
    'Country': 'UK',
    'ISIN': 'IE00BYTYHS72',
    'ETF Name': 'Boost Brent Oil 3X Leverage Daily ETP' },
  { 'ETF Code': '3BRL',
    'Exchange': 'LSE',
    'Country': 'UK',
    'ISIN': 'IE00BYTYHS72',
    'ETF Name': 'Boost Brent Oil 3X Leverage Daily ETP' },


npm i eodhistoricaldata-api

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