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ENVOYsites Gulp build system and boilerplate.


Node 8 recommended, tested on 8.9


To get holly set up on your static web project, we recommend that NPM 5 or greater is installed on your machine.

To check the installed version of NPM, run:

    npm -v

To upgrade NPM to the latest, run:

    npm install -g npm
  1. Now, open the terminal and cd to your project's root directory and install holly.

     npm install envoy-holly --save-dev
  2. After successful installation, a gulpfile.js and .gitignore should be generated automatically at your project's root directory.

  3. Initialize holly and answer a few prompts to scaffold starter boilerplate files.

     gulp init


  • gulp

    Start holly in development mode. Styles and scripts will not be minified. Starts up "watch" task.

  • gulp --prod

    Start holly in production mode. Styles and scripts will be minified.