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Evented node.js server framework


$ npm install envented

Run tests

$ npm test


$ make test


Node.js has a lot of events. The process object has events. HTTP servers have events. Streams have events. Higher-level modules have events. However, you can't really write a web app with events. Node http servers emit events, but they don't emit events based on the type of request. For example

var server = http.createServer();
server.on('request', function(req, res){
    // do stuff 

Do you do that? Probably not, you probably just do this:

var server = http.createServer(function(req, res){
    // do stuff 

Now, those two methods of creating a server are the same. Which means building an actual server out of one or the other is also the same.

Get to the point

envented lets you do this:

var envented = require('envented');
var server = envented.Server() // this accepts an onRequest callback 
server.use(server.router); // server is a connect.Server instance. YOU MUST USE THE ROUTER 
server.on('get::/', function(req, res){
server.on('post::/form', function(req, res){
    // handle post data 

The event namespacing is courtesy of EventEmitter2. All your favorite connect middleware is inside of envented.