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    Envato Package Manager npm

    The Envato Package Manager offers several features that will enhance your experience as Envato user, both for authors and for buyers.

    Support us on Patreon to get priority updates on our development plan and voting power on new features.


    Install Envato CLI with yarn or npm:

    yarn global add envato-cli
    npm install -g envato-cli

    Usage & Examples

    By default, the Envato Package Manager will connect to epm.honeyside.net. If you want to use an alternative repository, you can change the url by running envato source [repo_url]. The repository must be running the EPM server.

    • Run envato login to authenticate against Envato API.

    • Run envato clone [item_id] [purchase_code] to download an item. The item must have been made available on EPM by its author.

    • Run envato clone [item_id] - to download an item if you are the author of such item (no purchase code required).

    • Run envato check-purchase [purchase_code] or envato purchase [purchase_code] to verify one of your purchases, given the purchase code.

    • Run envato check-sale [purchase_code] or envato sale [purchase_code] to verify one of your sales, given the purchase code.

    • Run envato archive to create a zip archive with the current folder. It will use version and name from package.json or from the .env file (from the current folder). You can add a .envatoignore file to ignore files and folders.

    • Run envato publish [item_id] to publish an item. The item must already have been approved by Envato. It must be available on at least one marketplace.

    • Run envato unpublish [item_id] to unpublish an item. You must own the item to remove it from EPM.


    Feel free to open an Issue or send me a direct message.


    We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.



    This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details.


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