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Entry Generator Webpack Plugin


A Webpack plugin to dynamically generate an entry file on compiler initialisation


Sometimes you will want to generate an entry file dynamically. This file may consist of your bower dependencies or it may be a test suite that consists of all your unit test specification files.

This plugin will generate such a file if it is not already present. You may depende your compiler upon the output of this plugin.


The plugin is of the following form.

new EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin(outputFile, sources)


  • outputFile is the javascript file that will be generated
  • sources is a function|Array.<function> of methods that return a list of files or promise to such

Webpack configuration

The following configuration generates a vendor.js files that consists of your bower dependencies.

var EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin = require('entry-generator-webpack-plugin')
module.exports = {
    entry; {
        vendor: 'vendor.js'
    plugins: [
        new EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin('vendor.js', [

The sources are one or more function([outputPath:string]):Array.<string>|Promise. It returns a list of files relative to the given output path or a list of module names or a promise that resolves to such.


There are a number of source factories exported on EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin, these include:

  • EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin.bowerDependenciesSource([options])

    A source factory that will list bower modules from the dependencies field of the bower.json file in the Webpack context directory. The options may include any of the standard Webpack file filters (although applied to the module names), meaning test, include, exclude.

  • EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin.bowerDevDependenciesSource([options])

    As above, for the devDependencies field.

  • EntryGeneratorWebpackPlugin.globSource(pattern, [options])

    A source factory that can glob files rooted in the Webpack context directory. It supports options per glob properties. The options may also include any of the standard Webpack file filters (although applied to the module names), meaning test, include, exclude. Note however that it is more efficient to use the glob ignore property than the Webpack exclude regular expression.

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