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Entity Promises

Promise functions for working with entity models.


  • createIntroducer: Produce a function that augments objects with an id. Invoke with an id generator function. e.g. createIntroducer(intSeq) .
  • introduce: Pre-built introducer with an internal random id generator
  • createCleaner: produce a function that removes persistence artifacts. Invoke with a list of hash keys to remove.
  • moclean: Pre-built cleaner that removes mongodb persistence ids. e.g. createCleaner("_id") .

Both introducers and cleaners each operate on a single instance or an array of instances.


var entityp     = require("entity-promises"),
    u           = require("underscore"),
    q           = require("q"),
    model       = require("./model")
    mongocoll   = require("mongodb-q").connect().collection("trains");

/* create and persist entity instance from specification.  Return a promise of
 * the persisted instance data. 
exports.create = function (spec) {

    return q(spec)


/* get a list of entities. Return a promise of the fetched instance data.
exports.list = function () {
    return mongocoll.find()
        .then(entityp.moclean);          // an array of instances