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Lightweight wrapper for accessing npm programmatically (alternative to adding npm as a dependency)

require('npm') seems like a good idea, but it adds tons of weight to your module, since it takes a long time to install. Why not use the npm your users already have?

NOTE: re: cache-min, see: re: loglevel, see:


$ npm install enpeem --save
var npm = require('enpeem');

npm install

  dir: '/code/my-sweet-node-app',
  dependencies: [
  loglevel: 'silent',
  'cache-min': 999999999
}, function (err) { /* ... */ });
The dir option

The dir option controls where the NPM package will be installed as a dependency. If dir is unspecified, it defaults to the current working directory. If dir is a relative path, it will be resolved relative to the current working directory.

npm update

  loglevel: 'silent'
}, function (err) { /* ... */ });