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Enonic Wizardry

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Functional utility library for Enonic XP. This library is intended to house reusable and tested code blocks based on enonic-fp that can be used in every project.


Enonic-wizardry is intended to supplement enonic-fp with common patterns. It would be very uncommon to use this library without also using enonic-fp.

Code generation

We recommend using this library together with its sister library: enonic-ts-codegen. enonic-ts-codegen will create TypeScript interfaces for your content-types. Those interfaces will be very useful together with this library.

Building the project

npm run build


Get content by key service

In this example we have a service that returns an article by the key as json. Or if something goes wrong, we return an Internal Server Error instead.

import { fold, map } from "fp-ts/lib/IOEither";
import { pipe } from "fp-ts/lib/pipeable";
import { Request, Response } from "enonic-types/lib/controller";
import { get as getContent } from "enonic-fp/lib/content";
import { errorResponse, ok } from "enonic-wizardry/lib/controller";
import { getContentDataWithId } from "enonic-wizardry/lib/content";
import { Article } from "../../site/content-types/article/article"; // 1
export function get(req: Request): Response { // 2
  const program = pipe( // 3
    getContent<Article>({ // 4
      key: req.params.key!
    map(getContentDataWithId), // 5
    fold( // 6
      errorResponse('article.error'), // 7
      ok // 8
  return program(); // 9
  1. We import an interface Article { ... } generated by enonic-ts-codegen.
  2. We use the imported Request and Response to control the shape of our controller.
  3. We use the pipe function from fp-ts to pipe the result of one function into the next one.
  4. We use the get function from content – here renamed getContent so it won't collide with the get function in the controller – to return some content where the type is IOEither<EnonicError, Content<Article>>.
  5. If we don't want to expose too much about the internal system, maybe we just want to return the data of the Content. But if we want to do operations on this data, we are going to need the _id of the content. The getContentDataWithId<A>(content: Content<A>): WithId<A> function takes content as input, and returns the union of the data and { _id: string }.
  6. The last thing we usually do in a controller is to unpack the IOEither. This is done with fold(handleError, handleSuccess).
  7. The errorResponse(i18nPrefix: string) function returns a new function that can be used as a callback by fold. This "new function", takes the EnonicError object as a parameter, and creates a Json response with the correct status number, based on the errorKey of the EnonicError.
  8. We pass the ok function to fold as the second parameter. The ok creates a Response where the status is 200, and the parameter is the body. The content-type dependent on whether the parameter is a string (text/html), or anything else (application/json).
  9. We have so far constructed a constant program of type IO<Response>, but we have not yet performed a single sideeffect. It's time to perform those side effects, so we run the IO by calling it.


  • Content

    • publishFromDraftToMaster
    • publishContentByKey
    • applyChangesToData
    • createAndPublish
    • deleteAndPublish
    • modifyAndPublish
    • getContentDataWithId
    • createMediaFromAttachment
  • Context

    • runAsSuperUser
    • runInDraftContext
  • Controller

    • status
    • errorResponse
    • unsafeRenderErrorPage
    • ok
    • created
    • noContent
    • redirect
    • badRequest
    • unauthorized
    • forbidden
    • notFound
    • methodNotAllowed
    • internalServerError
    • badGateway
  • Utils

    • substringAfter
    • json
    • getUuidFromPath
    • forceArray
    • forceReadonlyArray
    • uuidv4
  • Validation

    • validate



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