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Enoki is a powerfully simple set of tools and interfaces for creating and managing websites and single-page-apps. It’s as vanilla as possible, meant to get out of your way, and play nice with traditional tooling as well as unique environments, such as the peer-to-peer Beaker Browser.

Although fully-featured, Enoki is still early in development. Support for other frameworks and syntax styles are on the roadmap. If something you’d like to see is missing, please feel free to contribute!


  • no-db: just files and folders
  • simple: written for clarity
  • tools: easy ways of traversing data
  • cute: first class support for choo, a simple and sturdy front-end framework
  • panel: manage your content with a super simple and extensible interface


Although the Enoki library can be used in a variety of ways, for the sake of example let’s just create a fresh little Choo app and require enoki/choo:

var choo = require('choo')
var app = choo()

Create a /content directory in the root of your project and make an index.txt file. Pages (and sub-pages) are just folders with their own index.txt files:

title: Enoki Example
text: Hey, not bad!

Inside your Choo views you can traverse your content with a super handy API:

var Page = require('enoki/page')
var html = require('choo/html')
function view (state, emit) {
  var page = new Page(state)
  var children = page().children().sort('title', 'asc').value()
  return html`
  function renderChild (props) {
    var child = page(props)
    return html`
        <a href="${child.value('url')}">${child.value('title')}</a>


To use Enoki with browserify just include the transform which will statically inline the JSON hypha provides. Ensure you’re using the .readSync() method and -t enoki/transform.

Peer-to-Peer / Dat

The web is becoming re-decentralized! You can use Enoki with Dat in an environment such as Beaker Browser by swapping Node’s fs for the DatArchive API. This enables real-time reading of the archives’s files. Ensure you’re using .readAsync().


Enoki is early in development. If you’d like to see support for webpack, or whatever other tooling, feel free to contribute!


For specifics on formatting directories and files, take a look at the dependencies’ documenation.

  • smarkt for parsing mixed key/value store and yaml plain text files
  • hypha for turning folders and files into json

Page API

The Page API is a super easy way of traversing your contnet. A few basic rules.

  • End a query and return it’s value by calling .value()
  • Every method is chainable (except .value())
  • Values can be reused in new queries by doing page(oldQuery)


var Page = require('enoki/page')
function view (state, emit) {
  // instantiate the page
  var page = new Page(state)
  // directly access pages by their href
  var site = page('/').value()
  var about = page('/about').value()
  // grab children and files
  var children = page().children().sort('name', 'asc').value()
  var files = page().files().value()
  // create new queries from previous
  var first = page(children).first().value()
  var last = page(children).last().value()
  // access specific keys
  var lastTitle = page(last).value('title')
Complete Methods List


Remaps to .pages().


Files of the current page.


Locate a sub-page of the current page based on the href.


Returns the first page or file.


Does the current page have a custom view?


Is the current page active?


Returns the last page or file.


The current page.


Sub-pages of the current page.


The parent of the current page.


Sorts the current value’s .pages by .order. Formatting of .order follows the arguments of .sortBy seperated by a space. For example, date asc.

.sortBy(key, order)

Sort the files or pages based by a certain key. Order can be either asc or desc. For example, .sortBy('name', 'desc') or .sortBy('date', 'asc').


Converts the values of an object to an array.


Return the current value. Not chainable.


Returns if the current value key visible is not false.