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Offers a async require.resolve function. It's highly configurable.


  • plugin system
  • provide a custom filesystem
  • sync and async node.js filesystems included


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Take a look at lib/ResolveFactory.js to understand how everything fits together. It provides a createResolver(options) function and these are the possible options:

Field Default Description
modules ["node_modules"] A list of directories to resolve modules from, can be absolute path or folder name
descriptionFiles ["package.json"] A list of description files to read from
plugins [] A list of additional resolve plugins which should be applied
mainFields ["main"] A list of main fields in description files
aliasFields [] A list of alias fields in description files
mainFiles ["index"] A list of main files in directories
extensions [".js", ".json", ".node"] A list of extensions which should be tried for files
enforceExtension false Enforce that a extension from extensions must be used
moduleExtensions [] A list of module extensions which should be tried for modules
enforceModuleExtension false Enforce that a extension from moduleExtensions must be used
alias [] A list of module alias configurations or an object which maps key to value
resolveToContext false Resolve to a context instead of a file
unsafeCache false Use this cache object to unsafely cache the successful requests
cacheWithContext true If unsafe cache is enabled, includes request.context in the cache key
cachePredicate function() { return true }; A function which decides whether a request should be cached or not. An object is passed to the function with path and request properties.
fileSystem The file system which should be used
resolver undefined A prepared Resolver to which the plugins are attached

The options are passed from the resolve key of your webpack configuration e.g.:

resolve: {
  extensions: ['', '.js', '.jsx'],
  modules: ['src', 'node_modules'],
  plugins: [new DirectoryNamedWebpackPlugin()]


Copyright (c) 2012-2016 Tobias Koppers