A naive approach to parsing Englishy text.

Englishy: Intro and Usage

A npm module providing simple line and blockquote parsing (w/o paragraphs):

shell> npm install englishy

my_str = """

  This is a line.
  This is a 2-line
  This is a line with a block:
    I am a block.
    I am also part of a block.


ep = require("englishy")
parsed = new ep.Englishy(str)
# ==>
    [ "This is a line" ],
    [ "This is a 2-line line" ],
    [ "This is a line with a block", "  I am a block.\n  I am also part of a block."]

Why create this?

I plan on using it for my i_love_u npm package. You never heard of it, but it will be famous in several years.