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    do things with graphs

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    On the server side

    # command line 
    npm install endoxa-graph
    // javascript code 
    var EndoxaGraph = require('endoxa-graph');
    // have fun 

    On the client side

    # command line 
    bower install endoxa-graph
    // javascript code 
    require(['endoxa-graph'], function(EndoxaGraph) {
      // have fun 

    do things in the right order

    When you get dressed you have to do some things before others.

    Getting Dressed

    OK, so what order should you do it? Ask endoxa:

        [0, 6],
        [1, 6],
        [2, 0], [2, 1],
        [3, 0], [3, 7],
        [4, 3], [4, 7],
        [5, 7]
    // -> [5, 4, 3, 7, 2, 1, 0, 6] 

    Dressing Order


    The first thing you will want to do is fork and clone this repo, and set the project up so you can run the tests.

    # command line (use "sudo" if necessary) 
    npm install
    # install grunt (use "sudo" if necessary) 
    npm install -g grunt-cli

    Now you should be able to run the tests. Just do this

    grunt test

    If you just cloned the project then you should see all the tests pass. Now you're ready to contribute. Note that the code you write needs to conform to the JSHint conventions. To check your code, run

    grunt jshint

    It will tell you how to fix any errors. We enforce this style so that the code stays consistent and easy to read.

    Ways you can help

    • Adding more tests for existing algorithms. Tests live in the test/ directory. Look at the code inside to get an idea how to write new ones.
    • Write tests for algorithms that haven't been implemented yet. You'll want to copy one of the files like test/dfs.js and give it a name to match your algorithm. For instance, breadth-first search might go in test/bfs.js. Because your test will fail (the algorithm has not been implemented yet) you should send a pull request to the unimplemented_tests branch, not the master branch. We want to keep master always passing.
    • Write algorithms to implement tests. Create a branch off master, cherry-pick a commit from unimplemented_tests which adds the test you want to implement, and write your code. When everything passes, send a pull request to master.
    • Refactor an existing algorithm to use more beautiful and functional code. This is the whole point of Endoxa, this is where the magic happens. Make sure the tests still pass after your strokes of genius.

    About EndoxaJS

    Endoxa means established wisdom. This collection of modules form an elegant base for JavaScript functional programming on both the client and server. The idea is that abstractions need to prove themselves in substantial code, and this library works backwards from interesting algorithms to the abstract nonsense that makes it beautiful.

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    npm i endoxa-graph

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