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endl is a Node.js module for extracting links from web pages and downloading them.


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endl has a very simple also an advanced API for link extracting, file downloading, executing and unzipping.

❗️ 2 years later(‼️), we have finally reached version 1! Bugs may still exist but endl should be more stable now. ❗️

Simple example

var endl = require('endl');
  .find('a[href^=""]') // returns Promise
  .then(function(container) {{
      pageUrlAsReferrer: true,
      filenameMode: { urlBasename: true }


  1. We require our endl module.
  2. loads the page we want. (It takes two arguments, second argument is an options object and optional.)
  3. find() finds the elements we want. (Works just like jQuery and querySelectorAll) but it is a Promise that returns a containerInstance
  4. Download our file to the current directory, using basename of our download link for file name and using our page URL as Referer header.

Things to note:

  • We actually get 4 elements when we do find() but download() automatically selects the first element (0-index). Use index() to change index of element array.
  • download() after find() is a shortcut. The long way is: find(...)href()download(...)


npm install endl

Prerequisites: Tools for building NodeJS native modules (Visual Studio or Visual Studio Express)

How do you pronounce endl?

Like Handel the composer, but without the handel :)

Current issues

  • findXpath doesn't work. Blame web pages (for incorrect structure), xmldom and xpath modules.


To-do list is at Trello (You can vote on notes)

If you don't have a Trello account and want to vote, you can use my referral link to register (They just give a month of free Gold membership for each referral so I can add custom background images to the board 😄)