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# Endify (Work in progress) JS Framework connecting backend, frontend and native JavaScript based apps

## Install You can get a fresh Endify project with one simple command:

npx create-endify-app

Check the guide if you want to setup it on your own.


npm i endify


yarn add endify

Then create endify.config.client in the root dir of your project

Then fill it with configuration:

export default {
  // Configuration

## Motivation I was working with Vue Storefront and Nuxt for a while, but their biggest mistake was that it's not everything to make the website work. Of course you need an API in another project, some workers, services and so on... So I realized that why not to connect them both? And here it is - Endify.

## Features It supports a lot of things (out of the box!):

✔️ Frontend with Vue.js

✔️ Backend in Node.js

✔️ One codebase

✔️ Extending frontend & backend with plugins

✔️ Vuex store

✔️ Code splitting

✔️ Electron - Yeah, you write once, you get a website and an app for Windows & Mac, so cool!

✔️ Service container with awilix

✔️ SSR (Server side rendering)

✔️ Hot reload of frontend and backend (woah! I worked a few weeks on that)

✔️ It's fully dockerized

✔️ It allows to test itself with jest

✔️ It includes pnpm instead of npm for the fastest installing experience

✔️ It has some Github Actions examples of Testing & Building

✔️ And even it has some great tutorial on how to apply image to kubernetes with Github Actions!

✔️ You install it with one command `




npm i [email protected]





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