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commonjs module support for ender

Ender CommonJS

The core client library to Ender providing you with require, provide, and a Module class.

var each = require('underscore').each
var select = require('sizzle')
each(select('h1'), function (el) { = 'red'

Includes the list of which modules are available for use in your Ender bundle

Includes the list of modules that have been required() by the implementer.

provide('client/utils', {
  formatNumber: function (num) {
    return String(num).replace(/(\d)(?=(\d{3})+$)/g, '$1,')
// access client/utils module 
var format = require('client/utils').formatNumber
  • supports multi-file modules, internal/relative requires, index requiring, requiring submodules, and CommonJS compatibility.