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    Material Design Lite Encapsulated

    Fork of Material Design Lite (MDL).

    This fork attempts to add a graceful patch to enable MDL encapsulation as Module or fallback to vendor under global window. In addition it has option to build MDL suited to widgets by encapsulating and prefixing the css in addition to JS encapsulation. This fork tracks the mdl-1.1 branch of the MDL. This is due to the following note:

    *** Important note for contributors - The master branch now has breaking V2 changes. As such it can not be merged into mdl-1.1. If you are making a contribution to 1.1, then please send pull requests directly to that branch. We will routinely merge that back into master. Thank you!

    Please refer to Issue 1730 of the official MDL.

    The patch:

    gulpfile.babel.js           // add all:encap, jspm:release, widget tasks, minor modification to scripts task
    src/encapsulationPatch.js   // new JS (10 lines)
    src/mdlExport.js            // new JS (30 lines)
    test/index.html             // add SystemJS to load mdl as module, add MDL components to global scope for mocha tests
    package.json                // add jspm configuration


    The widget branch is used for releases, master is used for merges with the original mdl.

    npm install encapsulated-mdl --save


    MDL as Module

    Encapsulates only the JS code as module.


    gulp all:encap

    To build and test (SystemJS is used for loading mdl as module for testing).


    // In your index.html or app.js
    System.import('material.js').then(function (mdl) {
      mdl.components;            // all the Material design objects (MaterialButton, MaterialMenu, etc)

    If module not used (script tag loading), falls back to encapsulation under:

    • The task expects -v [NAME] parameter
    • If none given, default "Google" is used
    • MDL objects and functions encapsulated as fallback inside window[vendor].mdl

    To specify "foo" vendor run:

    gulp all:encap -v foo

    MDL for Widgets

    Encapsulates JS code as module (same as above). In addition, allows prefixing all the standard element with .vendor class, so h3 {} becomes .vendor h3 {}.

    Note: Prefixing all the MDL classes such as mdl-button is problematics since & SASS operator is used across the code.

    For custom widgets mdl- prefix of all the mdl classes can be modified so mdl-button can become foo-button.

    Note: customizing mdl- prefix patches the JS code and mocha tests (during the test itself, not the sources). Make sure you use the foo-button, foo-layout, etc in your html.


    gulp widget

    The task accepts 2 parameters:

    • -v [VENDOR] parameter to specify vendor
    • If none given, default "Google" is used
    • MDL objects and functions encapsulated as fallback inside window[vendor].mdl and
    • -p [PREFIX] parameter to specify mdl- customization.
    • If none given, mdl- is not modified.

    To specify "foo" vendor and "fa" prefix run:

    gulp widget -v foo -p fa


    h2 {}
    .mdl-button {}
    /* becomes */
    .foo h2 {}
    .fa-button {}

    Note: This build doesn't build the demos and templates yet.

    Widgets specific changes:

    src/material-design-lite-widget.scss  // copy of src/material-design-lite.scss with minor changes
    src/template-widget.scss              // copy of src/template.scss with minor changes
    src/resets/_resets-widget.scss        // copy of src/resets/_resets.scss with minor changes
    src/resets/_h5bp-widget.scss          // copy of src/resets/_h5bp.scss with minor changes

    Make use of Widget specific resets

    Resets to standard elements h1, p, video, etc are prefixed by the vendor class so should work as is.

    Note: MDL doesn't use !important for all the resets, so if the hosting website does, there can be issues.

    For html and body tags, convention was used: The tags are replaced by .mdl-html and .mdl-body classes, so use you could use them as the widget container under the vendor class.

    Note: if you compile with custom prefix lets say fa, they will become .fa-html and fa-body same as other mdl- prefixed classes.


    Jspm package configuration was added as well.

    gulp jspm:release task is deprecated dist folder is used.

    Backward Compatibility

    You can always run the usual:

    gulp all

    To build and test the regular global version of MDL.


    If you are using aurelia, check out aurelia-mdl

    Material Design Lite

    GitHub version npm version Bower version Gitter version Dependency Status

    An implementation of Material Design components in vanilla CSS, JS, and HTML.

    Material Design Lite (MDL) lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your static content websites. It doesn't rely on any JavaScript frameworks or libraries. Optimized for cross-device use, gracefully degrades in older browsers, and offers an experience that is accessible from the get-go.

    Want to contribute?

    If you found a bug, have any questions or want to contribute. Follow our guidelines, and help improve the Material Design Lite. For more information visit our wiki.

    If you are submitting a bug fix or a new component for the 1.x line, please send those into mdl-1.x currently.

    The master branch is where we are working on 2.0. It is currently highly experimental and no support building or using it will be provided.

    Use MDL on your site?

    This document is targeted at developers that will contribute to or compile MDL. If you are looking to use MDL on your website or web app please head to

    Browser Support in v1

    IE9 IE10 IE11 Chrome Opera Firefox Safari Chrome (Android) Mobile Safari
    B A A A A A A A A

    A-grade browsers are fully supported. B-grade browsers will gracefully degrade to our CSS-only experience.

    Browser Support in v2 (in development)

    Supported evergreen browsers:

    • Chrome
    • Edge
    • Firefox
    • Opera

    Supported versioned browsers:

    • Internet Explorer 11
    • Safari 8
    • Mobile Safari 8

    Download / Clone

    Clone the repo using Git:

    git clone

    Alternatively you can download this repository.

    Windows users, if you have trouble compiling due to line endings then make sure you configure git to checkout the repository with lf (unix) line endings. This can be achieved by setting core.eol.

    git config core.eol lf
    git config core.autocrlf input
    git rm --cached -r .
    git reset --hard

    Remember, the master branch is considered unstable. Do not use this in production. Use a tagged state of the repository, npm, or bower for stability!

    Feature requests

    If you find MDL doesn't contain a particular component you think would be useful, please check the issue tracker in case work has already started on it. If not, you can request a new component. Please keep in mind that one of the goals of MDL is to adhere to the Material Design specs and therefore some requests might not be within the scope of this project.


    © Google, 2015. Licensed under an Apache-2 license.




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