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For serving a 1x1p transparent gif image

Empty gif for nodejs

var emptygif = require('emptygif');
var express = require('express');

app.use(emptygif.emptyGif([{path:'/erreport', maxAge: 0}]))

// OR
app.get('/tracking_pixel.gif', function(req, res, next) {
	process.nextTick(function() {
		// do tracking stuff
	emptygif.sendEmptyGif(req, res, {
		'Content-Type' : 'image/gif',
		'Content-Length' : emptygif.emptyGifBufferLength,
		'Cache-Control' : 'public, max-age=0' // or specify expiry to make sure it will call everytime
  • configs Array of objects. Each object contain path, maxAge and callback. Path can be string or RegExp. maxAge is optional, default 86400000ms. Callback is for doing something with request such as statistics. For example:

    [{path: '/img/empty.gif', maxAge : 86400000, callback: function(req) { /* view counting code */}}]


  • function(req, res, next) middleware
  • req Request object
  • res Response object
  • headers Headers associated with this image.

The length of the image in case it is needed for customed headers for sendEmptyGif