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Emoji Picker

A friendly Emoji picker for Emojione written as a React component. It looks a little something like this, but is easily customized:

Emoji Picker


Install with your favorite package manager:

npm i emojione-picker --save
yarn add emojione-picker


The emoji strategy is read from a json file, as such you'll need to make sure that the json-loader is included in your loaders configuration, something like:

loaders: [
        test: /\.json$/,
        loader: "json-loader"


The module includes a transpiled version of the picker so you don't need to run it through a JSX pipeline. Simply require the module like any other.

var EmojiPicker = require('emojione-picker');
<EmojiPicker onChange={function(data){
  console.log("Emoji chosen", data);
}} />

The module also includes CSS at css/picker.css which you can copy and edit or ideally reference directly from within the node_modules directory. Let me know if you're using this in production - i'd love to see it in action!


You can manually pass in a search term as a component prop to filter which emoji's are displayed by default, for example:

<EmojiPicker search="smile" />

Or allow the user to search by passing a boolean true, this will enable a search input within the picker:

<EmojiPicker search={true} />
Emoji Picker with Search

Customize Categories

You can easily customize the category icons by passing in alternatives to the component constructor. The emoji strings come from the shortname value in strategy.js.

var categories = {
  people: {
    title: 'People',
    emoji: 'smile'
  nature: {
    title: 'Nature',
    emoji: 'mouse'
  food: {
    title: 'Food & Drink',
    emoji: 'burger'
<EmojiPicker categories={categories} />


You can make the picker use a spritesheet, however this requires a little extra work. Emojione settings can be passed into the Picker component as below. Follow these instructions to load the correct spritesheets into your page.

var settings = {
  imageType: 'png',
  sprites: true
<EmojiPicker categories={categories} emojione={settings} />

Content Security Policy

The picker uses react-virtualized, which creates an inlined style. Give the picker a nonce and set Content-Security-Policy field in HTTP header accordingly if your CSP requires this.

Content-Security-Policy: style-src: 'self' 'nonce-NONCE_GENERATED_WHEN_TRANSMITTING'


yarn install
yarn start

Open http://localhost:8080/examples in a browser to see a preview of the picker.


MIT License

Emojione is used under the Creative Commons License (CC-BY 4.0) - If you use this component you should also include attribute to Emojione someone within your website or application to satisfy the terms of the license.

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