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    Emoji panel

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    Blazing fast emoji panel (3ms creation)

    Create an emoji panel by one line, no akward dependencies, no frameworks using the data from emoji-data.


    Try it out


    Install the package either by using npm install emoji-panel or bower install emoji-panel.


    • for npm users you need to import first -
    // es5
    var EmojiPanel = require('emoji-panel');
    // es6
    import EmojiPanel from 'emoji-panel';
    • Create
    new EmojiPanel(element, [options])
    • Params
    Name Type isRequired Description
    element Object (node element) ⭕️ Node element to create the panel into (preferbly a block)
    options Object Some added options that can be passed at creation
    • Options
    Name Type Default Description
    onClick Function Callback of clicking an emoji, will return object with index (of the emoji-data array), and unified
    animationDuration Number 300 Duration in ms of the animation between categories
    • Example
    new EmojiPanel(document.getElementById('emoji-panel-container'), {
      onClick: function(emoji) {


    • Clone the repo

    • npm start for development server, serving on localhost:8080.
      All changes will trigger hot reload, though absurd files will not and you will need to stop and start the server

    • After making a few commits you can deploy and make sure you don't have any uncommited changes beforehand -
      just run npm run deploy which does -

      • Creates lib (for npm) and dist (for bower) folders.
      • bumps package.json and bower.json (by npm run patch).
      • Commits these changes
      • Create a git tag
      • Merge to gh-pages branch (demo site)
      • push tags
      • npm publish (bower publishes or git changes)
      • push changes

      If you want to bump not by patch, you can set enviroment variable BUMP like so -
      BUMP=major npm run deploy. read more about npm version here


    npm i emoji-panel

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