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emoji-data - Easy to consume Emoji data and images

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This project provides easy-to-parse data about emoji, along with a spritesheet-style images for use on the web.

You can see a catalog of the emoji data here: http://unicodey.com/emoji-data/table.htm


The git repo is pretty big (almost 4GB), but contains everything. If you want to use npm, you can:

npm install emoji-datasource

This will only install the 32px full-fidelity spritesheets. If you want different size sheets (16,20 or 64px), quantized sheets (128 or 256 color) or the individual images (at 64px) then you'll need to install additional npm modules:

npm install emoji-datasource-apple
npm install emoji-datasource-google
npm install emoji-datasource-twitter
npm install emoji-datasource-facebook
npm install emoji-datasource-messenger

Using the data

The file you want is emoji.json. It contains an array of entries for emoji that look like this:

        "name": "WHITE UP POINTING INDEX",
        "unified": "261D-FE0F",
        "non_qualified": "261D",
        "docomo": null,
        "au": "E4F6",
        "softbank": "E00F",
        "google": "FEB98",
        "image": "261d.png",
        "sheet_x": 1,
        "sheet_y": 2,
        "short_name": "point_up",
        "short_names": [
        "text": null,
        "texts": null,
        "category": "Smileys & People",
        "sort_order": 116,
        "added_in": "1.4",
        "has_img_apple": true,
        "has_img_google": true,
        "has_img_twitter": true,
        "has_img_facebook": false,
        "has_img_messenger": false,
        "skin_variations": {
            "1F3FB": {
                "unified": "261D-1F3FB",
                "image": "261d-1f3fb.png",
                "sheet_x": 1,
                "sheet_y": 3,
                "added_in": "6.0",
                "has_img_apple": true,
                "has_img_google": false,
                "has_img_twitter": false,
                "has_img_facebook": false,
                "has_img_messenger": false,
        "obsoletes": "ABCD-1234",
        "obsoleted_by": "5678-90EF"

The meaning of each field is as follows:

Fields Description
name The offical Unicode name, in SHOUTY UPPERCASE.
unified The Unicode codepoint, as 4-5 hex digits. Where an emoji needs 2 or more codepoints, they are specified like 1F1EA-1F1F8. For emoji that need to specifiy a variation selector (-FE0F), that is included here.
non_qualified For emoji that also have usage without a variation selector, that version is included here (otherwise is null).
docomo, au,
softbank, google
The legacy Unicode codepoints used by various mobile vendors.
image The name of the image file.
sheet_x, sheet_y The position of the image in the spritesheets.
short_name The commonly-agreed upon short name for the image, as supported in campfire, github etc via the :colon-syntax:
short_names An array of all the known short names.
text An ASCII version of the emoji (e.g. :)), or null where none exists.
texts An array of ASCII emoji that should convert into this emoji. Each ASCII emoji will only appear against a single emoji entry.
has_img_* A flag for whether the given image set has an image (named by the image prop) available.
added_id Unicode version in which this codepoint/sequence was added.
skin_variations For emoji with multiple skin tone variations, a list of alternative glyphs, keyed by the skin tone.
obsoletes, obsoleted_by Emoji that are no longer used, in preference of gendered versions.

Version history


Image Sources

Images are extracted from their sources and this library attempts to track the latest available versions. If you're looking for older versions of Apple or Android images (such as the Hairy Heart) then you'll need to look at previous revisions.

  • Apple Emoji: Copyright © Apple Inc. - macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
  • Android Emoji: Copyright © The Android Open Source Project - 11275b5 / 2017-10-30
  • Twitter Emoji: Copyright © Twitter, Inc. - v2.3.1 2017-10-31
  • Facebook/Messenger Emoji: Copyright © Facebook, Inc. - v7, fetched 2017-11-15

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