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Emit error, eh?

A tool to find Streams that don't have handlers for their error event.


error events are special. If not handled, they throw. When they do, you get an exception, and since most often events are used to throw asynchronously, this means you get an uncaught exception.

Why not all EventEmitters?

Not all EventEmitters can emit errors in the first place. Streams cover sockets, requests, responses and files. That's enough for now.

How does it work?

You write:

var e = require('emit-error-eh');

and optionally:

e.logger = function(err) { /* console.log() is default */};

// Add some stack traces which you want ignored.
e.ignored = [
    { name: 'new Socket', module: 'net.js'},
    { name: 'Agent.createConnection', module: 'net.js'},
    { name: 'Agent.createSocket', module: 'http.js'},
    { name: 'Agent.addRequest', module: 'http.js'},
    { name: 'new ClientRequest', module: 'http.js'},
    { name: 'WriteStream.Socket', module: 'net.js'},
    { name: 'new WriteStream', module: 'tty.js'},
    { name: 'createWritableStdioStream', module: 'node.js'},

Voila. Your logger function will be called every time someone creates a Stream without assigning it an error handler.