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    A most excellent M/MUMPS parsing library; eMcellent takes input M/MUMPS code and transforms it into JSON-based representations of the code. This can be used in translation and/or markup to make the source code more readily interpretable.

    Getting Started

    The code is built to be run in either Node.js or the browser; it uses native Javascript parsing and has no intrinsic dependencies outside of those used during builds.

    To use in Node.js, the package is available via npm. To use locally, you will only need to install dependencies using npm install. To test, the default grunt task will execute all test cases.

    To use in the browser, install dependencies with npm install, and run grunt build:browser. Browserify will convert the package into a Commonjs format, minify it, and output it to /dist/emcellent.min.js.


    The library has two entry functions; note that both functions are synchronous. In the browser, these can be accessed as elements of the emcellent object (ex. emcellent.parse(); ).



    Parses a line or lines of M/MUMPS code into the JSON representation.

    inputString - A Line of M/MUMPS code, or an entire routine.



    Renders either a single JSON representation, or an Array of JSON representations as text.

    inputJSON - A JSON object or array of JSON objects representing MUMPS code.

    JSON Format

    Parsed lines will be returned in the below format; this is the format for rendering objects as well.

        lineNumber: Number,  //Number of the Line.
        lineLeadSpace: String,  //Variable Starting Spacing.
        lineLabel: String,  //Label of the Line of Code.
        lineComment: String,  //Comment field of the Line of Code.
        lineIndentationArray: [String],  //Array of Indentations, represents nesting.
        lineRoutines: [{
            mRoutine: String,  //A MUMPS Routine.
            mArguments: String,  //Arguments for the MUMPS Routine.
            mPostConditional: String,  //Post Conditional Arguments for the Routine.


    Pull requests are welcome, just be sure to include test cases.

    This code is licensed under Apache 2.0.


    npm i emcellent

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