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    This node module allows you to experiment with the EMCB UDP API to query and control Energy Management Circuit Breakers and provides an example implementation leveraging best practices.

    NOTE - The UDP API of the EMCB is currently in Beta. To use this module, you must have an EMCB that has been enrolled in the UDP API Beta. For more information, contact Eaton.



    npm install --save emcb-udp-master


    $ git clone https://github.com/EatonEM/emcb-udp-master
    $ cd emcb-udp-master
    $ npm install

    How to use

    Relevant Documentation can be found at:

    • docs/API.md: Complete API documentation for this library
    • docs/EMCB UDP API.pdf: Complete API documentation for the EMCB UDP API protocol used on the local network that this library is implemented against.
    • EMCB Cloud API: Complete Cloud API documentation, including the steps required to setup UDP Keys on individual EMCBs which is needed to use this code!
    • Examples/README.md: Contains documentation on the provided examples and the necessary steps to begin leveraging them.


    This library exposes a pre-configured winston@3 logger. It also overrides console.log, etc. so that all logs are captured by winston.

    These logs are written to both the console and to ./logs/ whenever the emcb-udp-master is used to aid in debugging/understanding. See docs/API.md for more information.


    You will need the following installed in your environment:

    • Node.js and npm (Node Package Manager)
    • git

    This library has been developed and tested on macOS using node v10.14.3. v10 or greater of Node.js is required.


    git should be available in your $PATH as npm might need it. You can find git at https://git-scm.com/.


    Node installation on Windows

    The official Node.js website has an installer available for download.

    Node installation on macOS

    For macOS, the preferred installation method is to use nvm (Node Version Manager). You can install nvm and the latest version of node using these commands:

    # Download and install nvm
    $ curl -o- https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.34.0/install.sh | bash
    # Install node.
    $ nvm install v10
    # set the default `node` on your $PATH in your current terminal session to the version you just installed
    $ nvm use v10
    # set the default "node" on your $PATH for all future terminal sessions
    $ nvm alias v10 default

    Node installation on Ubuntu

    You can install nodejs and npm easily with apt install, just run the following commands:

    $ sudo apt install nodejs $ sudo apt install npm

    Other Operating Systems

    You can find more information about the installation on the official Node.js website and the official NPM website.

    If the installation was successful, you should be able to run the following command and get your version output

    $ node --version
    $ npm --version

    If you need to update npm, you can make it using npm! After running the following command, simply reopen your terminal

    $ npm install npm -g


    npm i emcb-udp-master

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