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An Ember addon for Tab component with various style options and theme customization.

Heavily inspired by this Codrops article




  • ember install ember-x-tabs


  • Declarative
  • 14+ Styles to choose from
  • Fully composable
  • Customizable


Example markup:

Bar style (x-tabs)

A fully contextual version of the tab component is provided under the name x-tabs

<XTabs @tab-style={{@tabStyle}} as |xt|>

  {{!-- tab content --}}
  <xt.tabs as |tabs|>
    <tabs.tab @name="home">
      <i class="icon icon-home"></i>
    <tabs.tab @name="archive">
      <i class="icon icon-box"></i>
    <tabs.tab @name="analytics">
      <i class="icon icon-display"></i>
    <tabs.tab @name="settings">
      <i class="icon icon-tools"></i>
    <tabs.tab @name="upload">
      <i class="icon icon-upload"></i>

  {{!-- tab content --}}
  <xt.panes as |panes|>
    <panes.pane @name="home">
      <p>This is home content</p>
    <panes.pane @name="archive">
      <p>This is archive content</p>
    <panes.pane @name="analytics">
      <p>This is analytics content</p>
    <panes.pane @name="settings">
      <p>This is settings content</p>
    <panes.pane @name="upload">
      <p>This is upload content</p>



x-tabs can also be used as a page-control, that is a control that has several tabs each with an associated data object. There is only one dataPane and as the tabs are selected, the tabs data is yielded to the dataPane

  <XTabs @activeName="archive" @tab-style="tabs-style-topline" as | xt | >

    <xt.tabs as | tabs |>
      <tabs.tab @name="home" @data=(hash name="Home data")>
        <i class="icon icon-home"></i>
      <tabs.tab @name="archive" @data=(hash name="Archive Data")>
        <i class="icon icon-box"></i>
      <tabs.tab @name="analytics" @data=(hash name="Analytics Data")>
        <i class="icon icon-display"></i>
      <tabs.tab @name="settings" @data=(hash name="Settings Data")>
        <i class="icon icon-tools"></i>
      <tabs.tab @name="upload" @data=(hash name="Upload Data")>
        <i class="icon icon-upload"></i>


    <xt.dataPane as | pane |>
      <h1>Page Control</h1>
      <p>Data: {{pane.data.name}}</p>

Tab styles

You can replace the tab-style property of the component to any of the following styles to get a different style variation of your tab component.

  • tabs-style-bar (Default)
  • tabs-style-iconbox
  • tabs-style-underline
  • tabs-style-linetriangle
  • tabs-style-topline
  • tabs-style-iconfall
  • tabs-style-linemove
  • tabs-style-line
  • tabs-style-circle
  • tabs-style-shape
  • tabs-style-linebox
  • tabs-style-flip
  • tabs-style-circlefill
  • tabs-style-tzoid
  • tabs-style-fillup

Customization - Theming

This tab component can be themed using CSS variables to suit the color of your choice.

Kindly override these variables in your css file.

For example:

:root {
  --x-tab-active: #2CC185;

  --x-tab-color1: #334455;
  --x-tab-color2: #74777b;
  --x-tab-color3: #4a4a4b;
  --x-tab-color4: #000;

  /* Background colors */
  --x-tab-bg1: #f7f7f7;
  --x-tab-bg2: #f0f0f0;
  --x-tab-bg3: #fff;
  --x-tab-bg4: #bdc2c9;

Custom class name

Use the customClass option to add your own custom classnames.

  {{#x-tab customClass="myTabClass" as |tab|}}

Write your own definition for the classnames

.myTabClass nav  {
    background: lightblue;
.myTabClass nav ul a {
    color: lightblue;
.myTabClass nav ul a:hover {
    color: steelblue;
.myTabClass nav ul li.tab-current {
    background: steelblue;
.myTabClass nav ul li {
    background: white;
    margin: 4px 2px;

.myTabClass nav ul li.tab-current a {
    color: white;


Add a configuration for ember-x-tabs to include only the themes that you will use.

ENV['ember-x-tabs'] = {
  includedThemes: ['bar', 'circle', 'flip'],
  excludedThemes: ['iconbox'],
  excludeBaseStyles: false, // defaults to false
  defaultTheme: 'bar',    // defaults to 'bar'

To exclude or not include a theme, means that it's css styles will not be bundled with your application, thus not polluting your app.

Note: including a blank array e.g. includeThemes: [] will not include any themes, leaving you to define your own theme styles. See the vendor/ember-x-tabs/themes directory for reference.

Note: you may also want to set excludeBaseStyles: true so that this addon doesn't include the styles used by all the themes.

A big Thanks to Ilya Radchenko for making this configuration possible to have a small memory footprint of css in your app when you are using the addon.


Running Tests

  • npm test
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.

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