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A test-framework-agnostic set of helpers for testing Ember.js applications.


This library is best used by way of a test-framework-specific wrapper, such as ember-qunit or ember-mocha.

Test Helpers


The TestModule class is used to configure modules for unit testing different aspects of your Ember application. This class can be extended to create modules focused on particular types of unit tests.

TestModule is intended to be used in conjunction with modules specific to a test framework. For instance, you could create QUnit-compatible modules with a method such as:

function moduleFor(name, description, callbacks) {
  let module = new TestModule(name, description, callbacks);
  QUnit.module(, {
    beforeEach() {
      return module.setup();
    afterEach() {
      return module.teardown();

TestModule(name [, description [, callbacks]])

  • name - the full name of the test subject as it is registered in a container (e.g. 'controller:application', 'route:index', etc.).

  • description (optional) - the description of the test module as it should be displayed in test output. If omitted, defaults to name.

  • callbacks (optional) - an object that may include setup and teardown steps as well as the other units needed by tests.

  • callbacks.resolver (optional) - a Resolver instance to be used for the test module. Takes precedence over the globally set Resolver.


TestModuleForComponent extends TestModule to allow unit testing of Ember Components.

TestModuleForComponent(name [, description [, callbacks]])

  • name - the short name of the component that you'd use in a template (e.g. 'x-foo', 'color-picker', etc.).


TestModuleForModel extends TestModule to allow unit testing of Ember Data Models.

TestModuleForModel(name [, description [, callbacks]])

  • name - the short name of the model that you'd use in store operations (e.g. 'user', 'assignmentGroup', etc.).

Miscellaneous Helpers

  • getContext / setContext - access the context to be used in each test.

  • setResolver - sets a Resolver globally which will be used to look up objects from each test's container.

  • isolatedContainer - creates a new isolated container for unit testing.



  • git clone <repository-url> this repository
  • cd ember-test-helpers
  • npm install


Running Tests

  • npm test (Runs ember try:each to test your addon against multiple Ember versions)
  • ember test
  • ember test --server


  • ember build

For more information on using ember-cli, visit


Much of ember-test-helpers was extracted from the original ember-qunit, which was written by Stefan Penner, Robert Jackson, and Ryan Florence.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2015 Switchfly and contributors.

Dual-licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 and the MIT License.