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Provide configuration to an Ember app at runtime, via superstatic

What does it do?

superstatic is a tool built by Firebase that serves as both a static asset server and a means for providing a dynamic configuration to a static app based on the runtime of the server. It is no longer the backbone of the Firebase service, but is still maintained by the OSS community.

ember-superstatic aims to make it easy to use superstatic with Ember.js and the Ember CLI. Specifically, it does the following:

  1. Provides a means for importing the superstatic environment into your application
  2. Runs superstatic as part of the development server of the Ember CLI
  3. Provides an ember command for starting a Production-ready superstatic server for your app

The result is that you can write Ember code like this, while pulling variables from the environment that the server is running in.

import Route from '@ember/routing/route';
import env from 'superstatic/env';
export default Route.extend({
  async model() {
    const response = await fetch(`${env.API_URL}/users`);
    return response.json();


ember install ember-superstatic

This should generate a configuration file for you automatically in config/superstatic.js that you can extend to provide additional values.



In development, superstatic is automatically hooked into the development server.


In production, you can use ember superstatic to turn on a superstatic server pre-configured to work with an Ember application.

A few arguments are supported:

Flag Example Description
compression (c) -c Compress files when served
debug (d) -d Enable verbose logging of requests
port (p) -p 7101 Set the port that the server will run on
hostname (h) -h Set the hostname that the server will use

See the superstatic README for more information on these options

Running in Docker

ember-superstatic is a great way to set up your Ember application to run inside a Docker container. A blueprint is provided to generate a working Dockerfile that you can use. The steps from Ember application (assuming ember-superstatic is installed) to running Docker container are as follows:

$ ember g ember-superstatic-dockerfile
$ docker build .
Successfully built adccad7b5736
$ docker run -d -p 80:3474 -e "GREETING=Hello, world!" adccad7b5736

This will build your Docker image and then run a container from it in the background, bind port 80 of the container to the Superstatic server running inside of it and set the environment variable GREETING inside the container to Hello, world! (which your Ember application might then include using Superstatic, which is the whole point!). More information is available in Docker's documentation.

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