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This Ember CLI addon makes it easy to handle browser events in your components.

  • resize and orientationchange events trigger resize and call resize.
  • scroll events trigger scroll and call scroll.
  • enter keydown events trigger enterKeydown and call enterKeydown.
  • esc keydown events trigger escKeydown and call escKeydown.
  • print events trigger print and call print.

The scroll and resize events are debounced using requestAnimationFrame.

The enter and esc keydown event handlers are called in LIFO order and each can stop "propagation" with a truthy return value.

The print event is detected with matchMedia so does not support IE9 and below (see for browser support).


Install the addon.

ember install ember-responds-to

Import the mixins in a component and use the events or the handlers.

import Component from '@ember/component';
import RespondsToEnterKeydown from 'ember-responds-to/mixins/responds-to-enter-keydown';
import RespondsToEscKeydown from 'ember-responds-to/mixins/responds-to-esc-keydown';
import RespondsToResize from 'ember-responds-to/mixins/responds-to-resize';
import RespondsToScroll from 'ember-responds-to/mixins/responds-to-scroll';
import RespondsToPrint from 'ember-responds-to/mixins/responds-to-print';
import { on } from '@ember/object/evented';
export default Component.extend(
  classNameBindings: [ 'isLandscape:landscape:portrait' ],
  enterKeydown() {
  escKeydown() {
  logResize: on('resize', function () {
    console.log('resize event triggered');
  logScroll: on('scroll', function () {
    console.log('scroll event triggered');
  logPrint: on('print', function () {
    console.log('print event triggered');
  resize: () => console.log('resize handler called'),
  scroll: () => console.log('scroll handler called'),
  print: () => console.log('print handler called'),
  setLandscape: on('didInsertElement', 'resize', function () {
    this.set('isLandscape', window.innerWidth > window.innerHeight);


If you use phantomjs for testing you need to include a polyfill for requestAnimationFrame. To do so, add the file at to vendor/ and add the following line to your ember-cli-build.js.

app.import('vendor/rAF.js', { type: 'test' });