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This project aims to bring Google's new Material Design to Ember. The goal is to encapsulate everything possible in Ember components. This project is packaged as an Ember-cli addon.

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Install the ember-cli addon in your ember-cli project:

$ ember install ember-paper

This should also automatically create an scss file under app/styles/app.scss with @import 'ember-paper'; and install ember-cli-sass.

Sass is an important part of Ember-paper. Using sass you can override default variables and easily change the default behavior of ember-paper styles.

All the components and styles are ready to use in your application templates. Navigate through the docs to understand how to use each component.


  • Contributors can often be found on the #e-paper channel on discord.

  • The GitHub milestone issue tracks our progress to version 1.0.

  • Building the ember-paper demo application will give you your own up-to-date reference. This can be accomplished by cloning ember-paper as if it were an application and running ember server.


This is an ambitious project. Google's design specs are extensive, and non-trivial to implement. If you can port or fix a component or two, please drop a pull request or issue on GitHub or join us on Discord.

With everyone's help, we can bring this amazing design spec to Ember in a modular and elegant way. The Ember way.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.

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