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Working project is at Ember-CLI-Pagination

Ember Pagination

Simple library to do ember pagination. Works with servers using the will_paginate API.

Including in your project

Just include dist/ember-pagination.js in your project after including Ember and Ember Data.

Ember Pagination is also available as an npm module

How to Use

Just change your adapter from DS.RESTAdapter to Em.PaginationAdapter

App.Store = DS.Store.extend
  revision: 11
  adapter: 'Em.PaginationAdapter'

For your controllers, you must define info about your controller in modelInfo for the pagination to work.

There are two ways to create your controller:

// 1. Extend from Em.PaginationController instead of Em.ArrayController 
App.WidgetsController = Em.PaginationController.extend({
  modelInfo: {
    store: 'widget',
    class: App.Widget
// OR 
// 2. Extend from Em.ArrayController and include the Em.PaginationModule 
App.WidgetsController = Em.ArrayController.extend(Em.PaginationModule,{
  modelInfo: {
    store: 'widget',
    class: App.Widget

This adds the showMore action to the controller.

(If you are using Ember App Kit, import the model at the top of the page and use Widget instead of App.Widget)

In your template, put something like this to load the next page:

<a href="#" {{action showMore}}>Show More</a>

Example Rails Controller:

# App must include WillPaginate and ActiveModelSerializers
class PostsController < ApplicationController
  def index
    page = (params[:page] || 1).to_i
    @posts = Post.all.paginate(:page => page, :per_page => 5)
    render :json => @posts, :meta => {:total_pages => @posts.total_pages, :page => page}

Server Format

Request: The page number is sent as the page query param, or omitted if page is 1. Response: Server returns page and total_pages values in the meta tag of the response

  "meta": {
    "total_pages": 3,
    "page": 1

  "posts": [
    {"id": 1, "title": "Hello World", body: "More to Come"},