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Easily import GitHub Octicons into an Ember application's build.


In your ember-cli project, run:

ember install ember-octicons

When the addon is installed, it will add the octicons NPM dependency to your project.

Importing SVG Icons

To import Octicon SVGs as build time assets, add an octicons configuration object to the options set in ember-cli-build.js. Within the octicons object, define an icons property containing an array of Octicon names. If no icons are specified, then all Octicon SVGs will be imported into your project.

// ember-cli-build.js
  let app = new EmberAddon(defaults, {
    octicons: {
      icons: ['alert', 'bell', 'j', /* etc... */]

Now the SVG file can be used like any other asset:

<img src="images/svg/octicons/mark-github.svg">

By default, SVG files will be imported into the images/svg/octicons directory. To customize the import destination, set a destDir in the octicons config:

// ember-cli-build.js
  let app = new EmberAddon(defaults, {
    octicons: {
      destDir: 'some/other/folder',
      icons: ['alert', 'bell', 'mark-github', /* etc... */]

Using Octicons with Ember SVGJar

If you would rather use ember-svg-jar to embed your SVG icons, install ember-svg-jar and add the following configuration to your ember-cli-build.js:

// ember-cli-build.js
  let app = new EmberAddon(defaults, {
    octicons: {
      icons: null // don't import any SVG files at build time
    svgJar: {
      sourceDirs: [
        'public', // default SVGJar lookup directory

And then use Ember SVGJar's {{svg-jar}} helper:

{{svg-jar "mark-github" class="octicon"}}


By default, the addon will add Octicons' normalizing CSS to your project's vendor.css. If you are not linking to vendor.css in your project's index.html, you can manually import the normalizing CSS into your application CSS instead:

// app/styles/app.scss 
@import "octicons";
/* app/styles/app.css */
@import "octicons.css";


npm i ember-octicons

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