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Ember NRG UI


  • Ember.js v3.28 or above
  • Ember CLI v3.28 or above
  • Node.js v14 or above


Ember NRG UI is an opinionated UI addon based on how KUB scaffolds web applications. The addon provides the skeleton of an Ember app so that a developer can immediately start solving a business problem. It includes an application shell with sidebar navigation and typical UI components to get you started.

What it does

  • Overwrites application.hbs to use nrg-application component
  • Converts the application to use Sass
  • Adds route 404 Not Found
  • Modifies config/environment.js
  • Modifies ember-cli-build.js
  • Installs ember-cli-mirage and ember-cli-sass
  • Uninstalls ember-welcome-page
  • Adds public/.htaccess file
  • Adds app/styles/_nrg-override.scss for theming

Example App

Ember NRG UI comes with a dummy app that implements all of the components. Check out that dummy app for reference. To start it, run

git clone git@github.com:knoxville-utilities-board/ember-nrg-ui.git
cd ember-nrg-ui
yarn install && ember serve

and go to http://localhost:4200.


Installing the library is as easy as:

ember install ember-nrg-ui

See the Contributing guide for details.

Getting Started

Once the addon is installed, create a new index route and template:

<!-- app/index/template.hbs -->

<div class='ui segment basic'>
  <NrgHomeCards as |view|>
      @label='Hello World'


Use the _nrg-override.scss file to override base colors and Logo

// app/styles/_nrg-override.scss

$primary: #6200ee;
$primaryVariant: #3700b3;

.ui.modal.side-by-side--takeover.side-by-side--takeover.side-by-side--takeover {
  .main.menu.menu {
    background-color: rgba($primary, 0.98);

.nrg-list.nrg-list.nrg-list .items > .item.active.active {
  background-color: $primary;
  & .description,
  & .description > a,
  & .header,
  & .meta,
  & > .icon {
    color: #fff;

.home-card.home-card.home-card.home-card .image.icon {
  background-color: $primaryVariant;

Import the override file into the main app.scss

// app/styles/app.scss

@import 'nrg-override';

Displaying Environment In App Bar

By default, every environment will be displayed in the App Bar except for prod. To change this, add an array property called productionEnvironments to the ENV variable in the config/environment.js file for your app. For example, if your production environments are prd and prod the environment.js file would look something like this:

module.exports = function(/* environment, appConfig */) {
  const ENV = {
    'ember-nrg-ui': {
      productionEnvironments: ['prd', 'prod'] // <- Look Here
  return ENV;


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