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    Ember Data Localforage Adapter

    Store your ember application data in Mozilla's localForage. Compatible with Ember Data 3.0.

    "localForage is a JavaScript library that improves the offline experience of your web app by using asynchronous storage (via IndexedDB or WebSQL where available) with a simple, localStorage-like API."

    It is supported by all major browsers, including mobile.

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    Install the addon using ember cli

    ember install ember-localforage-adapter

    Initialize the adapter.

    import LFAdapter from 'ember-localforage-adapter/adapters/localforage';
    export default LFAdapter;

    For a more thorough introduction how to use this adapter, please read Models and application data on the MDN website of Mozilla.

    Localforage Namespace

    All of your application data lives on a single localforage key, it defaults to DS.LFAdapter but if you supply a namespace option it will store it there:

    import LFAdapter from 'ember-localforage-adapter/adapters/localforage';
    export default LFAdapter.extend({
      namespace: 'users'


    In order to reduce the number of getItem calls to localforage, you can specify a caching mechanism.

    import LFAdapter from 'ember-localforage-adapter/adapters/localforage';
    export default LFAdapter.extend({
      caching: 'model|all|none'

    While all will reduce the number of calls to getItem (for reading) to only one, you will fetch all your data in memory. The default behaviour therefore is model. This means: if you query one model, it will fetch all the items of that model from localforage.

    Embedded records

    Since version 0.7.0 this library is also compatible with Ember Data's embedded records. Include the embedded attributes in your serializer like below and benefit from the often superior approach of doing complex object graphs when you don't really have full control over how and when data gets loaded. See the specific PR for more information.

    // serializers/customer.js
    export default LFSerializer.extend(
      DS.EmbeddedRecordsMixin, {
        attrs: {
          addresses: { embedded: 'always' },
          hour: { embedded: 'always' }

    Semantic versioning

    This library follows the rules of semantic versioning. If you see any unexpected API changes, please create an issue to resolve this. Since Ember Data released its first stable version, this library will follows the major and minor version numbers that Ember Data is using. So version 1.13.* will be matched by 1.13.0 of the Localforage adapter. If we build in new features in this adapter, they can only be released together with an update of Ember Data. Of course patches will always be released as soon as possible.


    The adapter is available in the current versions of all major browsers: Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari (including Safari Mobile). localStorage is used for browsers with no IndexedDB or WebSQL support. See Mozilla's localForage for an updated detailed compatibility info.

    • Android Browser 2.1
    • Blackberry 7
    • Chrome 23 (Chrome 4.0+ with localStorage)
    • Chrome for Android 32
    • Firefox 10 (Firefox 3.5+ with localStorage)
    • Firefox for Android 25
    • Firefox OS 1.0
    • IE 10 (IE 8+ with localStorage)
    • IE Mobile 10
    • Opera 15 (Opera 10.5+ with localStorage)
    • Opera Mobile 11
    • Phonegap/Apache Cordova 1.2.0
    • Safari 3.1 (includes Mobile Safari)

    Localforage Adapter License & Copyright

    Copyright (c) 2012 Genkgo BV MIT Style license.

    Original LocalStorage Adapter Copyright (c) 2012 Ryan Florence MIT Style license.



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