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Ember lightning hosting for


Docker support

ember-lightning is also available as a docker container. To build the container run:

docker build --tag ember-lightning .

Then, to serve an ember-cli application run the container:

docker run --name $APP_NAME --env APP_NAME=$APP_NAME --env ember-lightning:latest

The image responds to these environment variables:


The name of the application as deployed in Redis.


The hostname of the Redis server where ember-cli applications are deployed. This default to redis and so it is also possible to use Docker container links to connect the ember-lightning container to a running Redis container.


The port that Redis is listening on. Defaults to 6379. This only needs to be set if Redis is listening on a non-default port.


The shared secret to use for authenticating to Redis. It is blank by default, which disables authentication.


The database index to select in redis. It is blank by default, which uses the default database.