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    Ember Keen Querying

    An easy way to query Keen.io data from your Ember CLI App.

    ember-keen-querying is addon that provides an Ember service wrapping the keen-js SDK. Since it is a service, it can injected and used anywhere in your application.

    It exposes querying and analysis APIs to run simple and advanced queries using the keen.js API.

    Want to Track Events? To track Keen.io events in Ember, see the sister addon: ember-keen-tracking


    ember install ember-keen-querying    # install:addon for Ember CLI < 0.2.3 
    ember generate ember-keen-querying


    This project is new and the API is subject to change. When updating your project to a newer version of ember-keen-querying, please consult the changelog for any update notes.

    Getting Started

    A Keen project id and read key is required to query events. You can set these api keys in one of 3 ways:

    1. Set a KEEN_PROJECT_ID and KEEN_READ_KEY on ENV in config/environment. The ember-cli-dotenv addon is a safe and easy way to do this.

    2. A meta tag of the form: <meta property="keen:project_id" content="[KEEN_PROJECT_ID]" />

    3. Set a global KEEN_PROJECT_ID

    Basic Usage

    The Ember.Service class is only supported in Ember 1.11+. If your application is on an older version of Ember, you can achieve the same effect of this addon by injecting the service as an Ember object through an initializer.

    You can inject and use the service anywhere like so:

    import Ember from 'ember';
    export default Ember.Route.extend({
      keenQuerying: Ember.inject.service(),
      actions: {
        queryGiggle: function() {
          this.get('keenQuerying').query('count', 'giggle').then(function(response) {

    You can query multiple events at once with multiQuery. See the dummy app for more info.


    npm i ember-keen-querying

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