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Ember Data is a core Ember.js library that provides a store and ORM for working with your Ember models. Ember Data works with JSON API out of the box, however "Ember Data is designed to be agnostic to the underlying persistence mechanism". To that end, Ember Data encourages the use of adapters to manage communication with various backend APIs.

This adapter enables the use of Django REST Framework as an API backend for Ember Data. The addon is compatible with ember-cli version 0.2.7 and higher, Ember 1.12.1 and higher (including 2.0.0), and Ember Data v1.13.7 and higher (including 2.0.0).


Development Hints

Working with master

Install EDA pegged to master:

npm i --save-dev ember-django-adapter@dustinfarris/ember-django-adapter

Working with your fork

Clone and install EDA:

git clone git@github.com:yourname/ember-django-adapter
cd ember-django-adapter
npm i && bower i
npm link

Install test dependencies in your project, and link your local copy of EDA:

cd myproject
bower i pretender
bower i sinonjs
npm link ember-django-adapter


  • Support applications built with Django REST Framework and Ember.js by offering easy-to-use addons, and providing documentation and guidance.
  • Ensure as much as possible that the Ember.js and Django REST Framework documentation is up-to-date and accurate as it pertains to their combined usage.
  • Promote the adoption of Ember.js and Django REST Framework and actively take part in their respective communities.

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