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    Computed Property Macros for Ember


    Version 2.0+ will only work with Ember 2.0+ Version 3.0+ is only tested in the last 2 LTS.


    Just run ember install ember-cpm


    Just import individual macros from ember-cpm/macros/* or all macros from ember-cpm.

    // Import only one macros
    import ifNull from "ember-cpm/macros/if-null";
    // or alternatively import all the namespace
    import EmberCPM from "ember-cpm";


    To generate a new computed property macros with ember-cli

    • Run ember g macro <dasherized-macro-name>. This will generate a few files
      • ./addon/macros/dasherized-macro-name.js (the macro)
      • ./addon/tests/dummy/unit/macro/dasherized-macro-name-test.js (a test)*
      • and modify ./addon/ember-cpm.js
    // import the macro
    import camelizedMacroName from './macros/dasherized-macro-name.js'
    var Macros = {
      // allows use via EmberCPM.Macros.camelizedMacroName
      camelizedMacroName: camelizedMacroName,

    ember d macro <dasherized-macro-name> will do the reverse of these changes

    Provided Macros

    • among -- returns true if the original value is among the given literals (testing using ===)
    • encodeURIComponent -- calls encodeURIComponent on the original value
    • encodeURI -- calls encodeURI on the original value
    • firstPresent -- returns the first property with a value, as determined by Ember.isPresent
    • fmt -- pass the original values into a format-string
    • htmlEscape -- escapes the original value with Handlebars.Utils.escapeExpression and wraps the result in a Handlebars.SafeString (since it's now safe)
    • ifNull -- fall back on a default value
    • promise -- wraps the original value in an already-resolved promise
    • safeString -- wraps the original value in a Handlebars.SafeString
    • join -- joins the supplied values together with a provided sepatator
    • quotient -- divides one numeric property or literal by another
    • difference -- subtracts one numeric property or literal from another
    • product -- multiplies numeric properties and literals together
    • sum -- sums numeric properties and literals together
    • conditional -- returns values based on a boolean property (good replacement for ternary operator)
    • computedPromise -- Updates computed property when supplied callback (which must return a promise) is resolved

    Composable Computed Property Macros

    Unlike Ember's computed property macros, the macros in this addon are composable. That means you define macros inside other macros without defining them in a separate key.

    import Ember from 'ember';
    import EmberCPM from 'ember-cpm';
    const { Macros: { sum, difference, product } } = EmberCPM;
    export default Ember.Component.extend({
      num1: 45,
      num2: 3.5,
      num3: 13.4,
      num4: -2,
      total: sum(
        sum('num1', 'num2', 'num3'),
        difference('num3', 'num2'),
        product(difference('num2', 'num1'), 'num4')


    npm i ember-cpm

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