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Use tree shaking to discover dead code in your Ember app


This Ember CLI addon uses tree shaking to discover dead code within an Ember application.

Currently, only dead/unused computed properties are considered, with a few caveats:

  • Mixins don't get considered when considering aliveness of a property


  • npm install --save-dev ember-cli-tree-shake


  • ember tree-shake

This addon will currently look for computed properties and observers that are not actually used in either internal methods or in the associated template. For example:

  foo: true,
  used: Ember.computed.alias('foo'),
  unused: Ember.computed.not('used')

ember-cli-tree-shake will identity that the unused property isn't actually used within the component.

However, if there was an associated template:

{{#if (or used unused)}}
  Hello, world!

In this case, the "unused" property is actually being evaluated in the template, and therefor isn't actually dead code. ember-cli-tree-shake would no longer identify it as such.

Finally, ember-cli-tree-shake will do a 2nd, 3rd ... nth pass over the tree and keep shaking until no more dead code falls off.


  • npm test