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Toolbelts are specialized blueprints that help you maintain your dependencies or build a specific feature set faster.

Using Toolbelts

To run a toolbelt, use the toolbelt command.

Example: ember toolbelt travis

Available Toolbelts

  • addon-dev
  • devtools
  • mobile
  • performance
  • travis
  • update-ember

Submitting new Toolbelts

If you've built a toolbelt that you find particularly useful, please consider a PR to add it here.

Create a new Toolbelt

ember g toolbelt <foo>

This will create a new toolbelt blueprint with the name toolbelt-<foo>.

In addition to typical blueprint helpers, toolbelts have the following methods available to them.

  • readPackage
  • installToolbelt
  • getRepository
  • updateOptions
  • updateReadMe
  • addDependencyToProject
  • addDependenciesToProject
  • removeDependencyFromProject
  • removeDependenciesFromProject

Browse existing toolbelts to see some of what they can do.