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    An Ember CLI addon for using stars to manage ratings in your glorious Ember application.


    • Ember.js v2.18 or above
    • Ember CLI v2.13 or above


    As this is an Ember addon, you just need to do:

    ember install ember-cli-star-rating

    Reload your app and you're ready to reach for the stars!


    The addon makes a star-rating component accessible in your consuming Ember app. You should pass it the item the rating should be set on, the rating property itself and the action that should be fired when one of the stars is clicked by the user.

    {{star-rating item=song rating=song.rating on-click=(action "updateRating")}}

    Optionally, you can pass the maximum rating (the number of stars to be drawn, which is 5 by default):

    {{star-rating item=song rating=song.rating on-click=(action "updateRating") maxRating=10}}

    If you use the component in the non-block form (like above), the appropriate glyphicon classes ('glyphicon-star' and ''glyphicon-star-empty') will be added to each star's tag, so you'll need to have the glyphicons fonts pulled in to display them correctly.

    In the block form, the component yields back the stars (where star.full is a boolean) and the set action that will be called when any of the stars is clicked:

    {{#star-rating item=song rating=song.rating on-click=(action "updateRating")  as |stars set|}}
      {{#each stars as |star|}}
        <a {{action set star.rating}}>
          {{if star.full}}*{{else}}_{{/if}}

    The action you pass (updateRating in the above example) will be called with a params hash that has an item and a rating key. item is the item that was clicked and rating is the new rating value. You can then handle the action as you wish:

    import Ember from 'ember';
    export default Ember.Controller.extend({
      actions: {
        updateRating(params) {
          let { item: song, rating } = params;
          song.set('rating', rating);

    Using other icons

    You can use other glyphicons or font-awesome icons by specifying fullClassNames and emptyClassNames like this:

    {{star-rating item=song rating=song.rating on-click="updateRating" fullClassNames='fa fa-star' emptyClassNames='fa fa-star-o'}}

    If you want to do this globally you can create your own component by creating a app/components/star-rating-fa.js file with the following content:

    import StarRatingComponent from 'ember-cli-star-rating/components/star-rating';
    export default StarRatingComponent.extend({
      fullClassNames: 'fa fa-star',
      emptyClassNames: 'fa fa-star-o'

    Then use it like this:

    {{star-rating-fa item=song rating=song.rating on-click="updateRating"}}


    I'm happy to consider changes and accept feature requests. If you submit a PR, please include tests in tests/integration/components/star-rating-test.js.

    Ember CLI now makes it joyfully simple to write integration tests. You can check out the current tests or this blog post to see how.

    Running Tests

    You can run your tests by typing ember test in the addon or launching ember serve and then going to http://localhost:4200 to see the tests run.


    npm i ember-cli-star-rating

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