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    Rails Asset Wrapper for Ember CLI apps

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    This is an Ember addon to build a Rails Asset wrapper for your Ember application which can then be included as a RubyGem without other dependencies in your Rails application.


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    Getting started

    If you are using Ember CLI, simply install ember-cli-rails as a dev dependency of your application's package.json:

      npm install ember-cli-rails --save-dev


    Once ember-cli-rails is a dependency, just run your build as usual:

      ember build --environment=production

    The RubyGem will be built into the dist directory with the name ember-rails-<app name> matching the name and version you have specified in package.json

    You can then distribute this package privately or publicly and include it in your Rails app's Gemfile:

      gem 'ember-rails-app-name'

    The generated assets are now available to your Rails pages:

      <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'ember-rails-app-name/vendor' %>
      <%= stylesheet_link_tag 'ember-rails-app-name/application' %>
      <%= javascript_include_tag 'ember-rails-app-name/vendor' %>
      <%= javascript_include_tag 'ember-rails-app-name/application' %>

    Contribution and Improvements

    Please submit an issue if we've missed some key functionality or you're seeing problems. Better yet, fork the code, make the changes, and submit a pull request to speed things along.

    Submitting updates

    If you would like to contribute to this project, just do the following:

    1. Fork the repo on Github.
    2. Add your features and make commits to your forked repo.
    3. Make a pull request to this repo.
    4. Review will be done and changes will be requested.
    5. Once changes are done or no changes are required, pull request will be merged.
    6. The next release will have your changes in it.

    Please take a look at the issues page if you want to get started.


    npm i ember-cli-rails

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