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Pace.js load progress bar for Ember apps, incl. initial scripts lazy loading

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Using latest Ember-cli, run the command:

ember install ember-cli-pace

or for older versions:

npm install ember-cli-pace && ember g pace

Flash-like initial script loading

Due to application scripts loading may take some time (especially, using mobile networks or ADSL), Ember-cli-pace can load them asynchronously displaying correctly computed progress bar. To enable that feature, just change src attribute to pace-src in your app.html.

<script pace-src="assets/vendor.js"></script>
<script pace-src="assets/app.js"></script>

Therefore, the scripts will be loaded via AJAX, which allows to compute loaded vs total bytes ratio. If your scripts are located on separate host, please note CORS policy.


All options, excluding color and theme related to the addon, are documented on http://github.hubspot.com/pace/.

var ENV = {
  pace: {
    // addon-specific options to configure theme
    theme: 'material',
    color: 'blue',
    // pace-specific options
    // learn more on http://github.hubspot.com/pace/#configuration
    catchupTime: 50,
    initialRate: .01,
    minTime: 100,
    ghostTime: 50,
    maxProgressPerFrame: 20,
    easeFactor: 1.25,
    startOnPageLoad: true,
    restartOnPushState: true,
    restartOnRequestAfter: 500,
    target: 'body',
    elements: {
      checkInterval: 100,
      selectors: ['body', '.ember-view']
    eventLag: {
      minSamples: 10,
      sampleCount: 3,
      lagThreshold: 3
    ajax: {
      trackMethods: ['GET', 'POST', 'DELETE', 'OPTIONS'],
      trackWebSockets: true,
      ignoreURLs: []


This addon is bundled with Material spinner theme, which is set by default. See it on demo page.

Pace.js originally provides 14 progress bar themes in 10 colors. See the progress bars and spinners in action: http://github.hubspot.com/pace/docs/welcome/

Pace.js themes

Pace API

More details on Pace events, methods and configuration could be found on http://github.hubspot.com/pace/

Developing ember-cli-pace

  • git clone this repository
  • npm install
  • bower install
  • ember server
  • Visit your app at http://localhost:4200.

For more information on using ember-cli, visit http://www.ember-cli.com/.


npm i ember-cli-pace

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