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A convention-based version update notifier. Use it to notify users already on the page that a new version has been deployed.


  • Ember.js v3.4 or above
  • Ember CLI v2.13 or above
  • Node.js v8 or above


  1. Add this add-on as you would any other:
> ember install ember-cli-new-version
  1. Add a version file to your app, eg: ./public/VERSION.txt
  1. Include the component in your view:



  • updateInterval - the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait between version checks default: 60000
  • firstCheckInterval - the amount of time, in milliseconds, to wait before the first version check is run after booting the application default: 0
  • versionFileName - the name of the file on the server to check default: /VERSION.txt
  • updateMessage - the message to show to users when update has been detected. There are two tokens allowed in this string: {newVersion} and {oldVersion} which will replaced with their respective values. eg. (and default). "This application has been updated from version {oldVersion} to {newVersion}. Please save any work, then refresh browser to see changes."
  • showReload - true shows a reload button the user can click to refresh. false hides the button. default: true
  • reloadButtonText - Sets the text for the default reload button. default: "Reload"
  • onNewVersion(newVersion, oldVersion) - a closure action that is called whenever a new version is detected. You can use this to track the version status elsewhere in your app (outside the component).
  • updateNeeded(oldVersion, newVersion) - a function that is called to check if an update message should be shown. For example, a function could be passed that only shows a message on major version changes. default: Always show message on any version change
  @updateMessage="A new version was released: {newVersion}"

Custom Notification

By default the notification is styled as a Bootstrap Alert. If you want custom layouts or to use a different framework, then you can define your own markup for the notification.

<NewVersionNotifier as |version lastVersion reload close|>
  <div class="custom-notification">
    Reload to update to the new version ({{version}}) of this application
    <button type="button" onclick={{action reload}}>Reload</button>
    <button type="button" onclick={{action close}}>Close</button>

Automatic VERSION file creation

You can opt-in to automatically generating a VERSION.txt during the build process. Opting-in means you don't need maintain a /public/VERSION.txt in your project. Simply add the following to ember-cli-build.js:

let app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  newVersion: {
    enabled: true

This will result in dist/VERSION.txt being created.

To override the version filename:

let app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  newVersion: {
    enabled: true,
    fileName: 'MY-VERSION.txt'

This will result in dist/MY-VERSION.txt being created. Note that this will also update the default versionFileName attribute in the {{new-version-notifier}} component.

Supports ember-cli-app-version

Since version 1.2.0 this addons is able to use the version string provided by ember-cli-app-version.

All you have to do is install ember-cli-app-version and enable a flag in ember-cli-build.js.

Then an update is triggered based on full version strings with build metadata such as 1.0.0-beta-2-e1dffe1.

let app = new EmberApp(defaults, {
  newVersion: {
    enabled: true,
    useAppVersion: true


See the Contributing guide for details.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


npm i ember-cli-new-version

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