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    Plugin for ember-cli that injects live-reload script into HTML content.


    This plugin injects a script tag to load ember-cli-live-reload.js in the head of your application's html.

    The contents of ember-cli-live-reload.js are dynamically generated to configure and inject livereload.js, which is served by Ember CLI courtesy of its tiny-lr dependency.

    livereload.js initiates a websocket connection back to Ember CLI. This allows Ember CLI to notify the browser to trigger a refresh after JavaScript or style changes.


    For vanilla Ember CLI apps, no configuration is required.

    The following options are supported via command line arguments or the .ember-cli file:

    Option Purpose
    liveReload Defaults to true during ember serve. Set to false to prevent the livereload script tag from being injected.
    liveReloadPort Specifies the port that ember-cli-live-reload.js and livereload.js are loaded from
    liveReloadHost The host that ember-cli-live-reload.js will be loaded from
    liveReloadPrefix The url prefix which will be prepended before livereload.js

    The following options are supported via the .ember-cli file:

    Option Purpose
    liveReloadJsUrl The absolute URL used to load livereload.js. If specified, this overrides the liveReloadPort option.
    liveReloadOptions JavaScript object for LiveReload options. LiveReload supports a number of options for configuring websocket communication, including https, host, port, and others. See advanced example below.

    Advanced Example Configuration

    NOTE: Most apps will be fine with no special configuration. Only use this sort of configuration if you have reason to override the default LiveReload websocket behavior. A use case for this is serving Ember CLI apps in development via a reverse proxy such as nginx.

      "liveReloadPort": 37531,
      // This `liveReloadOptions` property becomes `window.LiveReloadOptions`
      "liveReloadOptions": {
        "port": 37631,
        "https": true,
        "host": "your-hostname.dev"
      "liveReloadJsUrl": "https://your-hostname.dev/livereload.js"



    npm i ember-cli-inject-live-reload

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