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An early look at what hot reloading might look like in the ember ecosystem


ember install ember-cli-hot-loader

During installation Ember CLI will prompt you to update the resolver code. This is required for ember-cli-hot-loader to work. If you have never modified the resolver, you can simply accept the changes or do a diff and update it manually. The final code should look something like:

import Resolver from 'ember-resolver';
import HotReloadMixin from 'ember-cli-hot-loader/mixins/hot-reload-resolver';
export default Resolver.extend(HotReloadMixin);

How to use this addon

After installing it, simply run ember serve as usual, any changes you do to supported types, will result in a hotreload (no brower refresh). Any additional changes will result in a regular liveReload.

Supported Types

At the moment, we only hotreload on component and its templates. ember-cli-styles-reloader will do the styles for you. For support for other types you can follow or help us implement some of those.

Example application

To see this in action, you can clone this repo and run ember serve.