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Easily deploy your Ember applications to a remote server using scp via rsync.


Install ember-cli-deploy first:

ember install ember-cli-deploy

Install ember-cli-deploy-build for automated building:

ember install ember-cli-deploy-build

Install ember-cli-deploy-revision-data to keep track of deployed revisions:

ember install ember-cli-deploy-revision-data

Then install ember-cli-deploy-rsync2 plugin (this plugin)

ember install ember-cli-deploy-rsync2


Edit your config/deploy.js file:

module.exports = function(environment){
  const ENV = {
  if (environment === 'production') {
    ENV.rsync2 = {
      host: '<host>',
      username: '<username>',
      releasesPath: '<remote-path>'
  return ENV;

and start deploying:

ember deploy production

Configuration Options

Option name Description Default Examples
username SSH user name required huafu
host SSH host required example.com
releasesPath Path where all revisions will be uploaded (each revision will be in a separate folder based on the revision name) required /var/www/example.com/revisions
port SSH port 22 2222
sourcePath Path of the directory that will be uploaded tmp/deploy-dist some/local/path
exclude Exclude specified files and directories from uploading null, ['.htaccess', 'private']
include Include specified files and directories back from exclude (if exclude is not defined, it'll be set to *) null, images/*
flags Flags to pass to the rsync command rtu ar
currentPath Name of the symbolic link that will be created, pointing to the current deployed version. It can be relative to the releasesPath, or absolute. The created link will be relative anyway current ../current
revisionFile Name of the remote file which will hold the list of revisions. This file is relative to the releasesPath revisions.json ../rev-manifest.json
deployerFormat Format string for the deployer ({userFullName}, {userName} and {user} are possible variables, {user} will be replaced with the user full name if found, else user name {user} Huafu

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