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I will not be focusing on backward compatibility with older ember-cli versions as it's moving too fast and the API is constantly changing. I will always have this working with the latest stable release of ember-cli.


To provide a toolchain tightly integrated with ember-cli to make developing hybrid apps with cordova and ember as simple as possible.

Supported Platforms

Android and iOS. While we don't plan on actively supporting other platforms, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.

Required Ember Versions

Releases as of 0.1.0 require Ember 2.x and ember-cli 2.3.0.

The lastest release for Ember 1.x is 0.0.19 and requires at least ember-cli >= 0.1.1

Getting Started

Please see our Getting Started guide here


  • ember g cordova-init com.reverse.domain --platform=android Required generator that sets up the cordova project with a few tweaks to the ember app
  • (optional) ember g cordova-starter-kit Adds some packages and files that makes up the base setup for projects I develop.


  • ember cordova:open open xcode project
  • ember cordova:build --environment=production --platform=ios build cordova project
  • ember cordova:archive 0.0.2 --environment=staging --commit --tag archive ios project with xcode
  • ember cordova:prepare needs to be run after cloning a project
  • ember cordova Passes commands(plugin(s), platform(s), run, emulate) and arguments to the cordova command
  • ember help ember cli help with a section for addon provided commands as well


Documentation can be found found in the docs directory here.

Dependency Docs


Working with master

git clone
cd ember-cli-cordova
npm i && bower i
npm link
ember new CordovaTest
cd CordovaTest
npm install --save-dev ember-cli-cordova
npm link ember-cli-cordova

After this, any changes you make to the cloned repo will be instantly reflected in the test app you generated. It just symlinks the node_modules folder.

Example App

You can find an example app using this here: jakecraige/ember-cli-cordova-example-app


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