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This add-on hosts an ember component used on the bitzik web-app.

For who ever might want a text input that offers completions please try this one!

Live Demo


Just like for any other Ember-cli addon, use ember install:addon

ember install:addon ember-cli-completable-input



The simplest way to use this addon is to place the following in your handlebar template:

  value=The input value
  placeholder=A placeholder
  complements=Link that one to the property of your controller/view that holds all the possible completions

And that's it.

You can also link/fix the following parameters:

  • selectedCompletion: will be set to the completion the user is currently selecting with the keyboard or has selected with the pointer.
  • caseSensitive: False by default. Allows you to specify if you care about the case or not.
  • minForComplement: Set this parameter to determine how many character should the user type before the completion appear.

Advanced (aka thanks god ember is great!)

Feel free to update the complements as often as you want! For instance, if you want to fetch existing tags, feel free to use the value parameter to get the prefix, call your backend and fill up complements with the returned value. The completable-input will handle it nicely. The same way, you would like to limit the number of complements displayed to only show 10 candidates at most? Feel free to do so. Ember is GREAT!

CSS customization?

Please check this page for more information


If you have any remarks about this addon please don't hesitate to contact me or to open a pull-request. Your contribution is welcome!


npm i ember-cli-completable-input

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