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ember-cli addon that provides type-ahead selection for text inputs (requires ember.js 1.11+)



npm install ember-cli-auto-complete --save-dev

How to use this component

First add a custom component that extends AutoComplete. In this component you need to add 2 computed properties and 1 string variable.

1) suggestions:    this computed will determine how the list of options is filtered as the user enters text
2) optionsToMatch: this computed will determine if the value entered is valid (when the user omits to click/enter/tab the selection)
3) valueProperty:  this string should be the value property for the options passed in (think selectbox value/label)
import AutoComplete from "ember-cli-auto-complete/components/auto-complete";
export default AutoComplete.extend({
  valueProperty: "code",
  suggestions: function() {
      var inputVal = this.get("inputVal") || "";
      return this.get("options").filter(function(item) {
          return item.get("code").toLowerCase().indexOf(inputVal.toLowerCase()) > -1;
  }.property("inputVal", "options.@each"),
  optionsToMatch: function() {
      var caseInsensitiveOptions = [];
      this.get("options").forEach(function(item) {
          var value = item.get("code");
      return caseInsensitiveOptions;

Next add the component to your template including a block with html for the options (requires ember 1.11)

{{#my-auto-complete options=codes inputClass="foobar" selectedValue=model.code placeHolderText="Find a thing" noMesssagePlaceHolderText="No things are found" as |result|}}

Finally prepare a list of options for the component in the route or controller

var Foo = Ember.Object.extend({});
var Bar = Ember.Object.extend({code: ""});
export default Ember.Route.extend({
    model: function() {
        var codes = [];
        codes.pushObject(Foo.create({code: "ABC", text: "SOMETHING 1"}));
        codes.pushObject(Foo.create({code: "ABCD", text: "SOMETHING 2"}));
        codes.pushObject(Foo.create({code: "ABCDE", text: "SOMETHING 3"}));
        return Ember.RSVP.hash({
            model: Bar.create(),
            codes: codes
    setupController: function(controller, hash) {
        controller.set("model", hash.model);

Handling item selected

If you would like to call an action every time an elements is selected just bind the action through the attribute selectItem.

   placeHolderText="Find a thing"
   inputClass="my-fun-input-thing andTwo"
   noMesssagePlaceHolderText="No things are found"
   selectItem="itemSelected" as |result|}}

In the example above the action itemSelected will be called with the selected item, bubbling through your routes and controllers.

  actions: {
    itemSelected: function(item) {
      this.get('controller').set('selection', item.get('code'));

Running the unit tests

npm install
bower install
ember test

Example project built in

1) npm install
2) bower install
3) ember server
4) localhost:4200


First I'd like to thank Nick Christus for the design work that made this great component happen to begin with. Next I'd like to thank Charlie for his amazing project ember-cli-suggest as this project truly represents a fork of his work.


Copyright © 2015 Toran Billups

Licensed under the MIT License