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Ember Brunch Scaffold Project

This is an all-inclusive baseline scaffolding setup to get up and running very quickly with an Ember application. It runs off of Brunch to help maintain separation of code and prevent you from having one long ass app.js file. Hope you find it useful!

NOTE: this is currently a work-in-progress. All the basics of routing work. We plan on adding more features relatively soon that will demonstrate how to handle advanced features such as:

  • Authentication Management
  • Reusing a global modal throughout the application to present messages to the user


In case you completely overlooked the title (classic Phil), this application is built with Brunch. It is the only dependency needed (assuming you have node.js & npm installed), and therefore must be installed to build this application.

npm install -g brunch

Setup Process

After Brunch is installed, run these commands in your terminal to get started...

  1. npm install
  2. brunch watch --server

Navigate to http://localhost:3333. Happy Embering!


This project is released under the MIT License (see LICENSE for details).